About the Grid

The Student Grid is an ongoing photographic project about Bradford, it was originally part of a landscape project for students on the BA Photography in Digital Media course. 
The Student Grid concept was created by the Students and the tutor of the course Charlie Meecham; who created the original Bradford Grid.

The Student Grid Map
 They were given a map (a square mile of Bradford) and were asked to explore the area whilst documenting any findings. The photographers looked at aspects of local culture and topography, they were also free to choose visual solutions and contexts which best express their ideas.

Some works from The Original Bradford Grid
Vist The Bradford Grid

The Bradford Grid was originally inspired by another: The Portland Grid. This project has been operating for thirty years and they have compiled a data base of about 20,000 images of Portland including land forms, architecture, people, residential neighborhoods and industrial sites, which give a sense of place that would otherwise have gone unrecorded.