Lucy Baker

"My work is about solitude and the different states people live in. In Bradford I felt alone and segregated, I wanted to portray the idea of life without living and the segregation you can feel even in a city: I felt that a lot walking the streets of Bradford.
For my first series, I mainly shot neglected areas with poignant signs, or areas of decay, this worked well and for me it symbolised the desertion of society and brought forward the initial theme of isolation in large scaled areas; like Bradford.
When some people think of Bradford words like haggered, rough and piteous are 'thrown around', which it isn't, it is quite a quiet place and in some areas can even be serene, that is what creates the loneliness, the lack of interaction; the social discord.
This series was particularly important to me because it was symbolic of a transition in my life, I myself changed and became isolated so it was both a reflection of Bradford's neglect and a reflection of myself.

The Bradford Grid by Lucy Baker
After my first shoot in Bradford, I realised I had taken a few interesting images of the windows and doors that I passed, they all shared an emptiness about them which I found fascinating. I continued to explore this idea in my second shoot and came up with a grid of photographs. I decided they should be in black and white because it gave a historical context to the images and also reinforced the sinister ideas of an isolated society.

Bradford Panorama (I, II, III)

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